3rd Best Month Ever!

Brent Chalmers

Managing Trustee: The Soul Provider Trust, City of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

The Soul Food Team worked tirelessly in August to deliver 1 775 887 meals through our ten branches and Emergency Response Centres. With 22 school days, that was over 80 000 meals a day!

This monumental effort was made possible through coordinated and dedicated team work – from our trustees who set the vision and strategy; to our corporate and individual donors; to the manufacturers and growers of the food; to the distribution centre who works out who gets what and when; to the interbranch delivery team who drive thousands of lonely kilometers to get the food to where it needs to be; to the branch managers who deliver the food to hundreds of schools and ECD centres all over South Africa; to the “aunties” and teachers who cook and prepare the food for the kids and to the kids who consume the healthy and nutritious food and are the only reason why Soul Food is here.


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