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22nd September 2023

Soul Food Powers Up Local Netball Team in Boiketlong

Kenny Mabunda, the Soul Food Branch Manager of Sedibeng, paid a visit to the spirited local netball team in Boiketlong….

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18th September 2023

Soul Food Bring Comfort to Bafepi Day Care

Naptime at Bafepi Day Care has seen a significant improvement. Previously, the children had to rest on cardboard boxes, but…

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15th September 2023

Soul Food Stands Strong with Sagefields After Devastating Fire

Sagefields, a close-knit community, recently faced a devastating fire that left 41 homes in ruins. This heartbreaking incident took down…

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14th September 2023

Soul Food Extends a Helping Hand to Fleurhof Fire Victims

In the heart-wrenching incident that unfolded at the informal settlement of Fleurhof in Roodepoort, a devastating fire ravaged through 46…

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13th September 2023

Soul Seeds Flourish at Ba’One Intellectual and Disability Centre

During a recent visit, Charles Bosman, the dedicated Branch Manager of Kathu, marveled at the beauty of Boane Intellectual and…

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11th September 2023

Soul Food Expresses Gratitude for Community Partnerships

Kenny Mabunda, our dedicated Sedibeng Branch Manager, brings heartwarming news from the Munsieville Soup Kitchen. In a quest to serve…

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7th September 2023

Soul Food’s Timely Assistance Brings Hope to Ithuteng Early Learning Centre

In Kuruman’s Dithakong Village, the Ithuteng Early Learning Centre faced a dire situation. Lacking food and funding, the dedicated practitioners…

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6th September 2023

Fuelling Success: Soul Food POWAs Up Grade 12 Prep Camp in Ngwaabe

In a wonderful display of community support, Ngwaabe Circuit Manager, Mr. Masha, reached out to Soul Food for assistance in…

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5th September 2023

Hope and Healing Offered to Unfortunate Family in Sedibeng

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Nthabiseng Vuyelwa Mkhuma, a young mother of two who is currently unemployed, experienced an…

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