Soul Food Stands Strong with Sagefields After Devastating Fire

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Thabo Maluleke

Sagefields, a close-knit community, recently faced a devastating fire that left 41 homes in ruins. This heartbreaking incident took down 38 wooden shacks and 3 brick and mortar homes, displacing families and causing immense hardship.

In these challenging times, the victims found refuge in the community hall, where Gift Of The Givers and other local NGOs extended their caring hands in support.

The Soul Food Team, comprising Esra, Ndabe, and Moses, through the Emergency Response Center in Plattenburg Bay, swiftly responded to the call for help. They provided 7500 nourishing meals and warm blankets to the affected families, offering not just sustenance but also comfort during this trying period.

We are proud to announce that the rehabilitation efforts have already begun. Together with the resilience of the Sagefields community and the support of dedicated organisations, the community is on the path to rebuilding and healing. In unity, we find strength, and Soul Food remains committed to being a beacon of hope in the face of adversity.


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