Nurturing Growth: A Heartwarming Tale from Soul Food George

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Thabo Maluleke

Standing beside our Soul Food George Manager, Esra Isaacs, is a young man named Esra, who holds a special place in our journey. I first encountered him as a child at the Kingdom Kids Centre in Blanco, where the POWA Pack porridge was a cherished part of their daily routine.

Esra Isaacs shares an uplifting update, noting that he recently crossed paths with the young Esra and his friends at the Grace Community Aftercare. Now attending primary school, these boys continue to relish the nutritious POWA Pack that played a crucial role in their growth into the handsome young individuals they are today.

This heartwarming story is a testament to the proverbial it takes a village to raise a child. In this case, the support provided by Soul Food has played a meaningful role in nurturing these boys into remarkable young individuals.


  1. Maki Elizabeth Hlatshwayo says:

    We’re hourened to have Soul Food by giving us Nutritional Porridge, Rice and Mealie Meal.
    Children at Little Pina Pina Day Care Centre are eating healthy Meal daily.
    I just want to Express Gratitude to Mr Kenny for helping

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