COLORS Collaboration

Brent Chalmers

Managing Trustee: The Soul Provider Trust, City of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

COLORS International stands for Children’s Overseas Learning Opportunities & Resource Society and it’s Founding Executive Director is Sunyata Choyce. She is a Canadian citizen who lives in South Africa but has aided, guided and grown small, community-based projects in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Canada and South Africa over the past 10 years.

She lives in Wilderness, near George, and is a close friend and collaborator with Esra Isaacs the Soul Food George Manager. Esra introduced Soul Food CEO Brent Chalmers and his wife to Sunyata last night (from left to right: Brent Chalmers, Esra Isaacs, Sunyata Choyce, Jenny Chalmers).

Colors has access to a large number of internationally donated first-aid kits for schools and the discussion was all about Soul Food distributing them to schools in South Africa.

Collaboration – as always – is the key to what we do.


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