Changing Lives in Steelpoort Communities!

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Thabo Maluleke

We are thrilled to share the positive impact of collaboration between Soul Food and Super B in the Steelpoort communities. Our Steelpoort Manager reports the fruitful partnership that is adding significant value and making a difference in the lives of many.

Recently, Super B generously donated stationary packs for the learners of Papong Primary School, providing essential resources to support their education journey. Additionally, they extended their support to Sunshine Pre-school by donating maize meal, ensuring that little ones receive nutritious meals for their overall well-being.

Papong Primary School, Ngwaabe
Sunshine Pre-School

This collaboration exemplifies the power of coming together towards a common goal. By joining hands and pooling resources, we can create meaningful change and work towards achieving zero hunger in our communities.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Super B for their unwavering support and commitment to making a positive difference. Together, we are making strides towards building a brighter and more nourished future for all.


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