Celebrating Daniel Senyolo & Soul Food Team: A Day of Appreciation

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Thabo Maluleke

In a heartwarming moment, we gather to express our deepest appreciation for Daniel Senyolo, the dedicated East Rand Soul Food Manager. Recently, he was presented with an appreciation certificate by Francina Mhlanga from Boskburg Children Welfare, recognizing the invaluable support they’ve received from our team.

Daniel’s unwavering commitment to our mission shines as a beacon of hope in our communities. He extends his heartfelt thanks to the entire Soul Food Team for their exceptional teamwork in making a profound difference, one meal at a time.

We celebrate Daniel’s outstanding contributions and express our gratitude to him and the entire team for their tireless efforts in spreading kindness and nourishment throughout our communities. Your dedication remains an inspiration to us all.


  1. Francinah Mhlanga says:

    Many thank and great waves to Mr D Senyolo Soul food and your team May God bless you forgiving our beeficiaries with the little that you have

  2. Otshepeng Bulang says:

    Dear sir / /Ma’am please I beg soulfood supply my ECD creche at kagung v illage Supervisor is the first time

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