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Brent Chalmers

Managing Trustee: The Soul Provider Trust, City of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

This year has had a busy start and we are thrilled to report back on the Munchies Kitchen Community Feeding Project as we approach the end of the first quarter.

Our community kitchen was started during the flooding in April 2022 when one of the Bright Eyes Parents discovered a pocket of children who were not able to access adequate nutrition due to their parents being unemployed, houses being destroyed and families being displaced. This parent was utilising emergency food supplies intended for her family to feed the wider community.

It has been almost a year of consistent feeding in this area and we have seen a steady improvement in the group of children we serve. The most exciting news that I would like to share with you though is the changes we have noticed since we have started distributing Soul Food POWA Packs. Even more so since the adjustment of the portioning instructions.

Munchies Kitchen is currently feeding just over 100 children. We received our first Soul Food POWA Packs in December 2022 and have since distributed breakfast each month. The little ones have now been on this Super Yummy Super Food for four months and we have noticed a clear difference in our learners.

The most prominent change we have encountered is that the children who take the Soul Food POWA Packs for Breakfast attend the afternoon feeding less frequently. We have also noticed a general improvement in the children’s skin, they are looking brighter, less dry and there has been significant weight gain in those children who we had previously identified as being underweight.

The younger learners who we see more frequently on a one-on-one basis have also showed a marked health change. Their behaviour over all has been calmer, their eyes are brighter and we see fewer slow to heal sores on their skin than before.

We must confess that even we, as teachers have been known to take a quick snack of POWA on busy days to keep our energy levels up! Thank you most sincerely for your support and for making access to this incredible product possible. We appreciate you a great deal.

Carron Strachan

Bright Eyes Trust
135 Bellevue Road
Durban 4001


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